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Marhaba is an Egyptian company working in the fields of; Export, International Shipping, General Supplying, Customs Clearance, and Import.

The company is headquartered in Cairo, the capital and we deal with agents in mostly all parts of the world.



Our first goal is to satisfy the customer and provide a distinguished service. This got the company to enjoy a good reputation in this field.


Marhaba Team

Marhaba is a Cairo – Egypt based company, involved in the export of agricultural and non-agricultural products, founded by Mr. Macheal Abd Ellah (Founder).

Marhaba is an International Export business. Hence our services cost-effectively offered throughout the world. To achieve smooth trade practices, Marhaba sources the products perform inspections and selects only the top quality products. We handle every phase of commodity trading until Delivery for maximum customer satisfaction.

With our sustainable crop solutions to produce safe and high-quality fruits & vegetables by lowering the residue levels, customized crop protection programs with the help of continuous involvements & monitoring of growers at field level comply with global Gap and Good agricultural practices (GAP).

Marhaba Team

With our full range of warehousing services, it is easy for us to provide standard and tailor-made solutions. We have secure storage facilities for general, hazardous, consolidated, refrigerated, and oversized cargoes. It also includes optional services such as

  • Sorting.
  • Stock Management.
  • Order Processing.
  • Planning and Replenishment of stock.

    Our storage center has a strategic location with convenient access. The storage center specific location is secured, and warehousing order with special requirements is provided.

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Your satisfaction is our goal. So we strive to communicate with you anytime, anywhere.
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